25 Years. 25 Life Lessons.

25 years


Last week I celebrated my 25th Birthday. A quarter of a century is a beautiful milestone and in the lead up I spent quite some time reflecting on the past 5 years. I even went as far back as the past 10 years because we all know how naïve our teenage years can be. Yes I may still be a spring chicken, but I don’t think age is a true reflection of life experience.

I know that there is still so much to know and learn, (and the learning will never stop) but sometimes we have to look back before we can move forward. Looking back and coming up with 25 of my biggest life lessons has helped me to see how far I have truly come. Perhaps you might like to create your own version of ‘life lessons’ too?

Without further ado – these are the 25 life lessons that have shaped who I am today.


1. Always trust your gut instinct. It never lies! They say that the gut is our ‘second’ brain and it has never failed me.

2. When it comes to love – don’t settle. Find a love that will make you feel alive (I’m oh so grateful to have found that kind of love).

3. Life is precious and we only get one chance. I was in a high-speed car accident with my Mum when I was 14 and I will never forget that split second when the other car hit us. It reminds me to make every day count. You never know what’s around the corner and I thank my lucky stars that we came out alive and well.

4. You will have no money and will worry. You will have plenty of money and will still worry. Let’s just stop worrying and realise how rich we truly are. Gratitude for all that we have is the key.

5. Friendships will come and go. It can be heartbreaking at times but as with most things, friendships fall apart so that you can create space for more meaningful connections. Forgive – forgive yourself and whatever happens, always treat people the way you would like to be treated.

6. People-pleasing is really draining. Please yourself.

7. Following your dreams shouldn’t be seen as a luxury, it’s a necessity. Don’t worry about how it’s going to work, just start with one tiny step. No regret’s baby (refer back to number 3)

8. It doesn’t matter how many times you skip the gym/exercise – nothing feels better than that ‘I’ve just worked out’ feeling. Find movement that you love and sweat it out. It’s kinda sexy!

9. Good food, bad food, gluten-free food – it’s all food. It doesn’t matter what label you give it, just make sure that you feel good eating it. Yes that mean’s broccoli and chocolate is A-OK!

10. Starting a business is scary shit. You really have to get over yourself and put yourself out there. You will fail, and hopefully you will succeed but creating something with your own mind and your two hands – that’s freakin cool! It’s a marathon not a sprint.

11. Make a dick of yourself at least once in your life. Do a stupid dance in front of a crowd, slip over – life isn’t that serious. You might as well laugh at yourself. We’re all human.

12. God/the universe/the angels have got your back. Sometimes you have to let go and trust that everything happens for a reason.

13. Crappy moments are almost always followed by delicious joy filled moments. You need the comparison to make life sweeter.

14. Self-expression is just as important as breathing. Dance, create, paint, write, speak your mind. Let the world in so that they can gain a better understanding of who you are.

15. Practice patience. Everything that is meant for you will in fact make its way to you. Sometimes it will be even better than you could imagine (that’s why it’s worth the wait!).

16. Taking care of yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Read, get a facial, treat yourself every now and then. The more care and compassion you show yourself, the more you will invite other’s to do the same.

17. Never take your loved ones for granted. Strip away all your material possessions and see what you have left. The high’s and low’s in life are meant to be shared. Show your loved ones that you care.

18. Don’t believe everything you think. Our mind’s can convince ourselves that we’re not good enough, not pretty enough…the list goes on. Don’t buy into those negative thoughts.

19. Travel somewhere different at least once a year. It will help you grow, shift and reassess. Travelling gets you out of your comfort zone, tilts your perspective and the memories will last a lifetime.

20. Tell the truth. Liberate yourself by being honest in every situation. If you really don’t like something – say it. If you really love something/someone – don’t deny it. Honesty is freedom.

21. Give in any way that you can. It doesn’t have to be monetary. Give a shoulder to cry on, a hug, a plate of food. It’s a beautiful thing to give. Giving enables us to gratefully receive.

22. Sometimes you gotta get messy and dirty. You’ll have to sacrifice something, you’ll go to bed late to meet a deadline, you’ll race out the door without eating breakfast or ironing your shirt. Some days will feel less than perfect but it’s much easier when we embrace them. Tomorrow is always a new day!

23. Relocating interstate has been life changing. It’s helped me to discover who I truly am without the comfort of familiarity. The transition was both heart wrenching and heart-opening and it’s been one of the greatest and unexpected decisions of my life.

24. Forge your own path. Own it, live it, breathe it. Don’t get stuck walking someone else’s path. It may seem like everyone else is more successful, more ‘together’, more amazing, but do what’s right for you and you can do no wrong.

25. As soon as you learn to love yourself – and I mean really, unconditionally love yourself, life will become much more peaceful. Love yourself enough to go for it, to back yourself, to believe in you. Know that you deserve it, whatever ‘it’ is. Love life, and it will love you right back.

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  • Danni Lefebvre

    Hello lovely girl!

    I love this post, it gives me a little lump in my throat thinking about our coffee/lunch/breakfast dates and you talking about all your dreams and watching them come true from my side is so amazing so i can’t event imagine what its like for you.

    Miss you!! and a big hug and love from London xx

    • Natasha Sciotto

      Oh I don’t know how I missed this but I miss you so much too Danni! Take me back to those days and if only we could share another coffee/lunch/breaky date! Sending you the biggest hug from Brissy. So great to see you killing it over there and living out your dreams too X x

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