Do you remember who you were before the world told you who should be?

– Danielle LaPorte

Nope? Don’t worry lady, that makes two of us.

Whilst getting to the heart of ‘who we are’ can be a tad difficult, one thing that I know for sure is; I’m Tash Spencer and I’m a constant work in-progress.

That means I’ll quite happily accept my many contradictions as a young woman who wants to ‘do it all’ and simultaneously do a whole lot of nothing too.

I’m a Life Coach, Writer and Speaker for young twenty-something’s and whilst I’ll never claim to have all of the answers, I do know how to ask the right questions.

I want to know;

How do we go after what we truly want and be who we want to be, without being so darn hard on ourselves?

It’s a juicy question isn’t it, but it’s this very question that brings me here.

As an ambitious Aries, go-getting, perfectionist, type ‘A’, (I’ll throw in recovering goodie two-shoes too whilst I’m at it) I’ve come to realise that the greatest gift we can give to ourselves is…kindness. An unwavering kindness and compassion that sits deep within your heart whether you tick ‘all of the boxes’, or not. And it’s this kindness and compassion that has not only helped me, but many other fellow ambitious young women ditch overwhelm, reassess their priorities and set foot on a path that’s more meaningful to them.

I love empowering young women like you to choose again, pivot and transition, no matter how little or far you’ve think you’ve progressed within your career and relationships. I know how difficult it is to be happy and content with where you are right now when you’re in a desperate rush to get ‘over there’. That’s why I support women to take the time to really understand what they want + why they want it in the first place.

It’s about letting go of the comparison and the internal and external expectations and re-discovering your own path. Whether you’ve been waiting to take that next step and find your special someone, travel the world, or live each day bringing your greatest talents to life – know that you have full permission to gently let go of the safety net, and take the leap towards what you really, really want.

The best part is you don’t have to hustle your way throughout this transition or burn your soul to a crisp. 

You get to take your sweet time getting there, knowing that you can choose your own speed + pace and trust that you have everything inside of you to make it happen. And you know that overwhelming part about taking action and changing direction? Well, that’s where I come in.

I’ve personally experienced the ‘analysis paralysis’ and fear that accompanies those cross-road moments in your twenties.

– Like the time I worked so hard to complete my university qualifications in Health Science and Social Work, to then question my abilities and career direction after graduating.

– Moving interstate to be with my college sweetheart and having to navigate the loneliness and uncertainty of being in a new city.

– Feeling disheartened to pursue my passion for music, dancing and acting, despite my natural talents and previous success.

– And then there was that growing feeling that I just didn’t have ‘enough’; whether it was cash, or like-minded friends, I craved a deep level of support and permission to really go after my dreams.

Do you want to hear the good news though? Throughout navigating these challenges, I have come out the other side even more courageous, more loving, more creative, more connected and more ‘on purpose’ than ever before.

– In questioning my career path, I gave myself the space and time to figure out how I truly wanted to show up in the world. Cue, a life-changing decision to become a Life Coach and I haven’t looked back since.

– Since moving to Brisbane and expanding my comfort zone, I’ve been able to make more conscious decisions based on what feels good for me, rather than what I ‘should’ do. Physically relocating has reminded me that no matter where I end up, I ALWAYS have a choice. From the friends that I hang out with, to what I do for work and how I take care of myself – totally my choice.

– No longer do I ignore the creative part of me that longs to write, dance and express myself. I’ve learnt to embrace it in all it’s forms and participate it in more actively – for no other reason than the fact that it brings me joy!

– And if it wasn’t for adopting an attitude of gratitude and welcoming in a ‘more than enough’ mindset, I would have struggled big time to take action towards any of these changes.

The most important part of this story is I didn’t do it alone.

Yes, I had loving friends and family but I wouldn’t have been able to make these transitions without seeking out the support from my own life coach all those years ago. Life sure would look very different to what it does today had I not reached out when I needed the extra help.

Now I have found a way to help people in the way that I have always wanted. I’ve started to create more joy by embracing my creative talents and I am grateful that I have developed a skill that I can share with others in their journey. Love, life and everything in between feels so much better knowing that I have chosen a path that intuitively and wholeheartedly feels good and right for me.

I know there will be plenty more transitions to come, but the resilience, courage, strength and kindness that I’ve developed within myself will be with me every step of the way.

I’ve created this online space so that you can make the transition towards what you really want that little bit easier. Let’s bring that spark back, let out a few belly laughs, and you might even shed a few healing tears too, but please know that you’re not alone as you inch your way closer towards that vibrant life of yours.


A Few Other Random, Yet Useful Facts About Me

1. Both sides of my family are Italian.

Passionate, expressive and a lover of food? You bet I am. It’s crazy to think that my grandparents moved to Australia with just a suitcase in hand! I feel very blessed to have been raised by such a loving, resilient, hardworking tribe of people.

2. I met my (now) husband at University.

After a few years of dating and a 12 month long-distant stint, Jimmy was the reason I moved to Brisbane. As he chased his dreams, I chased mine and we’ve pretty much been inseparable ever since! We’re the complete opposite in so many ways, yet I think that’s why we work so well. He is my biggest cheerleader and I am most certainly his.

3. I used to be a Wedding Singer.

I had the privilege of singing with two of my beautiful friends in a trio we called The REaL Sisters. We spent our teens/early 20’s travelling around the country-side of Victoria, singing at wedding’s, functions and pubs. In 2010, we landed ourselves in the top 6 groups of the Australian version of X-Factor where we rubbed shoulders with Guy Sebastian and Snoop Dog in LA. That was a total whirlwind (!) but you can check out our 5 seconds of fame here.

4. I'm a lover of LOVE (and all things romantic).

So much so that I wrote about my reflections and experiences in the lead up to our wedding. I learnt so much about myself throughout that engaged period so I have a total soft spot for the bride-to-be’s out there.

5. I'm a sucker for a personality quiz.

Give me a book, or any kind of resource that helps me to understand myself better and I’ll soak that right up. As an extrovert, most people would believe that I have no trouble putting myself out there, however I much prefer deep conversation in smaller groups. I’m a sensitive soul, yet I freakin love a good laugh. Let’s say I’m a combo of soulful humour. We’re complex, raw, incredibly interesting creatures aren’t we?

6. I'm all about the simple pleasures.

The more older I get, the more I want to simplify my life and focus on creating beautiful experiences. Whether that’s a few cheeky drinks and a BBQ with friends. Slow Sunday’s and a sleep in, crisp, clean sheets or the spine-tingling goodness when my fav jam comes on the radio – it’s the little things that definitely make me the happiest.

Life in your twenties doesn’t have to be a race to ‘tick all the boxes’!


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