Do you remember who you were before the world told you who should be?

– Danielle LaPorte

Well here you are. You’ve found yourself at the career crossroads, and you’re wondering whether a gal like me, can help out a confused twenty-something like you?


Guess what?…You’re in luck!

I’m Tash Spencer. Life and Career Coach, Writer and Speaker.

I’ll never claim to have ALL of the answers, but I sure do know how to ask the right questions. The questions that inevitably lead to your own ah-ha moments and guide you towards that sweet, sweet clarity and relief.

I work with driven young women who are questioning their (originally) well-laid out career path, helping them to re-discover the life and work that feels most meaningful to them.

Whether you’ve been busy working hard in a job that no longer lights you up anymore, or you feel like you’ve dabbled and have never really found your ‘thing’ – I’m here to tell you that’s it’s ok to change your mind.

It’s ok to choose again.

And it’s ok to pivot and transition no matter how little or far you think you’ve progressed in your career.

As an ambitious Aries, go-getting, perfectionist, type ‘A’, (I’ll throw in recovering goodie two-shoes too whilst I’m at it) I know how frustrating it is to feel like you’re not living out your full potential. Like there’s so much more that you want to give and contribute and do in the world, but you haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet. That’s why I support women to take the time to really understand what they want for themselves and their careers – and why they want it in the first place.

It’s about getting re-acquainted with who you are, letting go of the comparison and the crazy internal and external pressures of where you ‘thought you should be’ and courageously carving out the path that feels true and right for YOU.


I’ve personally experienced the self-doubt and analysis paralysis that often coincides with ‘finding the right career’. And it’s taken some setbacks, de-tours and valuable experiences along the way for me to truly discover what I need to thrive as a working woman in her twenties (and beyond).

+ Like growing up with the fun, yet frustrating ‘multi-passionate’ problem. Whether it was singing and performing, or my love for health and wellness, I struggled with the idea of having to ‘choose’. Yep, I wanted to do it ALL and do it well!

+ Or the time when I graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (majoring in Nutrition and Psychology) with distinction. Finally, my heart was set on becoming a registered Psychologist and yet, I bombed in the ONLY subject that I needed to get into Honours. *Cue tears*

+ From detouring to a Masters of Social Work, to then questioning whether my sensitive soul was really up for the task and deferring my studies half way in.

+ Spending years dabbling in different roles, becoming a certified Life Coach, scoring an incredible opportunity to work from home with a company that I adore, to then realising that my extroverted soul needs in person connection (and Batchie debriefs over lunch to stay happy and sane!)

It sure has been wild, but do you want to hear the good news?

I’ve come out the other side with even more knowledge, self-awareness and clarity about what it takes to craft my own meaningful career. I’ve never felt more ‘on purpose’ than ever before, knowing that my soul’s work is to help and support YOU in making heartfelt, yet smart decisions about your career. And I know that I wouldn’t have got to where I am, without having experienced those twists and turns myself.

+ When I started to question my career path, I devoted space and time to figure out how I truly wanted to show up in the world. Cue, a life-changing decision to become a Life Coach… and I haven’t looked back since!

+ Through doing the inner work, getting to know my values and unravelling the ‘people pleaser’ in me, I’ve been able to stand proud behind my own version of success instead of worrying about what I ‘should’ do, or what others may think.

+ And no longer do I ignore the creative part of me that longs to write, dance and express myself. I’ve learnt to embrace it and participate it in more actively, for no other reason than the fact that it brings me joy. I know how to distinguish what I want to do for fun, and the type of work that allows me to thrive personally and professionally (knowing these can simultaneously intertwine alongside each other).

The most important part of this story is that I didn’t figure this out all on my own.

Yes, I had supportive friends and family but I wouldn’t have been able to truly dig myself out of the career confusion without seeking out the support from my own team of incredible life coaches, psychologists and career mentors. Life sure would look very different to what it does today had I not reached out when I needed the extra help. And now I use all that I’ve learnt to help fellow young women step bravely into their next career chapter.

I’ve created this online space because I no longer want to see capable, bright and talented fellow twenty-somethings feeling lost and dissatisfied in their careers.

It’s time to unpack that little spark of an idea or dream and try it on for size in full, blown, 3D reality.

It’s time to switch those ‘I’m not good enough to do that’ thoughts into a whole-hearted ‘yes I can!’

And it’s time to finally feel excited about where your life and career is heading again.

Whether it’s shifting into a new role, starting an inspiring side gig, or transitioning into a completely new industry – I’ve supported countless of young women like you to courageously and gently transition into lives and careers that not only feel meaningful, but that allows them to unashamedly back themselves too.


And in case you slipped for a second, thinking that this isn’t possible for someone like you – and that you should just accept that ‘this is as good as it’s going to get’, here’s what I know to be true…


Circumstances change. It’s ok if what you ‘thought’ you wanted for your life and career turns out to be different.

Your work doesn’t have to define you, but it can allow you to be the person that you want to be.

Money and getting paid to do meaningful work matters. ‘How much’ is completely up to you.

Figuring out what you don’t want, is just as important as figuring out what you do want.

The dreams you have for your career don’t have to be BIG in order to be meaningful.

There’s no race or competition when it comes to your career roadmap. Take it one chapter at a time and learn to enjoy the ride.

It’s never too late to start anew (no matter if you think time’s a ticking). Seriously - chill. You'll get there.

Never forget that there is a beautiful life to be lived outside of your work. And your work is allowed to complement that life.

Life in your twenties doesn’t have to be a race to ‘tick all the boxes’!


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