An Interview with Dani: What’s in your beauty cabinet?

Over the past 6 months I have been on a mission to slowly revamp the beauty cabinet. It hasn’t been your typical clean out – it’s been a conscious decision to swap my current beauty products for organic, toxic-free versions. Ingesting nutritious foods has always been high on my priority list, but I must admit I haven’t always thought about the impact that our skin care, or beauty products can have on our system. Think about it – we take so much care to read the back of food labels, yet when it comes to beauty products, we don’t know what we are actually putting onto our skin or how it’s affecting our bodies.

Unfortunately a lot of the products we use on a daily basis contain nasty chemicals with an ingredients list the size of a full-fledged army, not to mention are difficult to pronounce. Products that claim to be ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ are just another marketing gimmick to increase sales, and contain as little as one ‘natural’ ingredient. So how do we know what products to use and how they are affecting us? I have found the woman!

Meet Dani.


Dani is an organic beauty therapist, holistic health coach, writer and passionate ambassador for healthy, happy, sustainable living. I came across Dani when I was traipsing around the internet trying to find a beauty therapist to do my spray tan and make up for a ball here in Brisbane. I am so happy that Dani introduced me to some wonderful organic products, and was very impressed with both my Zuii make-up and Eco Tan. There was no awful coughing from the pungent smell of spray tan, and my make up felt light and fresh despite having the coverage to stay on all night. Below is a picture of me: one happy customer!


Not only is Dani full of knowledge and fantastic at what she does, but she even gave me a sample of the Organicspa range to take off my make up for when I got home (how thoughtful, and very important ladies!).

I was fortunate enough to get the low-down from Dani to give you a bit of insight as to why we should look into organic products (and as a side note certified organic products wherever possible):

1. As a beauty therapist and health coach, what triggered you into searching for organic or toxic free products?

Natural beauty is something I have been interested in for a really long time actually. It really all began when I started to notice that client’s skin and skin conditions where all linked to what was happening internally for them. Though their skin regime was an important part to helping their skin look radiant, or treat their skin condition, their diet and lifestyle directly was impacting their skin and it’s health too. From there, I have been studying the skin, diet and lifestyle and their relationship to each other ever since.

2.  What particular ingredients should we definitely steer clear from and why?

There unfortunately is a whole truck load of them that are in our products these days. The top 3 that I recommend you stay away from for both internal health & skin health are: Sulphates, Parabens & Mineral Oils.  I go into more detail about these ingredients plus a few more in my free e-book ‘3 steps to glowing skin beauty kit’ which you can sign up for here.

3. What are the 3 products in your beauty cabinet that you can’t live without?

Oh good one! The first one would have to be my Suvana Organic Paw Paw and Honey lip balm. This baby is so versatile, it’s good for burns and bites as well as chapped lips (I cannot wait until Organicspa release their new lip balm later this year then I may have a new number 1 fave!). Secondly would be my Organicspa exfoliant which doubles as a face mask too! It makes my skin glow with health and vibrance. Thirdly would be my Zuii foundation powder. It makes my skin feel amazing and feeds it at the same time with gorgeous flower botanicals and aloe vera. It is super versatile – I can wear little for minimal coverage, or a lot when going out at night.

4. Any other tips for those who are wanting healthy, glowing skin without the hidden nasties?

Start reading labels and get savvy about what ingredients to avoid. It is so important. Here is a fun fact: 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed directly into your blood stream. That means those chemicals that are in your cosmetics, skin care, body moisturisers and washes are being fed straight to your organs and cells. Not good!

Dani’s tips have certainly made me more conscious of what’s in my beauty cabinet. You can check out all of Dani’s services on her website, from beauty cabinet make-over’s to an online shop – everything you need to know is here.

Now I’m not suggesting everyone get a massive garbage bag and throw out everything in their bathroom cupboard. I am merely raising awareness so that each time that bottle of shampoo runs out, you can make a conscious decision to purchase an alternative that both works, and is good for you.

Tash x


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