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One thing that I know for certain is that we ALL need support to get through the high’s and lows and the ‘in-between’ moments of life.

When you’re feeling unmotivated or disappointed about a set back, when you need a gentle reminder to keep going, take extra care of yourself or believe in yourself. When you need to put your focus back into your relationships, your career, your passions or your purpose, or you just need a good o’l fashioned laugh to get you through the crazy, busy times as a woman…please know that I am here.

And I love nothing more than sending you regular, heartfelt, slightly hilarious emails with the intention of being helpful and useful to you. As part of the Tash Tribe, you’ll get the accountability, love and warmth of a virtual bestie, popping in to check on you. Whether it’s questions to prompt you into action, tried and tested worksheets and resources that I’m loving, or exclusive VIP coaching offers – you’ll get all of that and more when you sign up below.

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Dream Big, Live Well, Feel Good FREE Ebook

‘Dream Big, Live Well, Feel Good’ is a philosophy that has personally guided me throughout my own quarter life crisis. You know that icky transition where you’re still trying to figure out your career, get your  health on track and well… your life together?

I wrote this book for all the women in their twenties (and beyond!) as a reminder that we are all capable of living an amazing life. We can do what we love and get paid for it, we can be strong and healthy and show up as the best version of ourselves and we can feel good, laugh and be outrageously happy throughout the process.

As a Life Coach, I see far too many women playing small and succumbing to the pressure of doing what they ‘should’ do – not necessarily what they want to do. This guide is going to help you uncover what YOU truly want so that you can start taking the steps towards a more exciting and vibrant life!

Filled with practical exercises, personal stories and simple tips – you can download your copy of ‘Dream Big, Live Well, Feel Good’ for FREE as a big thank-you from me to you. Click on the link to download your copy here!


The Beautiful You Coaching Academy

It’s no secret that this course completely changed my life. Not only did studying with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy provide me with the skill set and support to become a Life Coach, but it continually provides me with learning opportunities and further resources now, as a certified Beautiful You Life Coach. 

Whether you want to start your own life coaching business or enhance the skills in your current career, this course is hands down the most comprehensive AND heart centred. I wouldn’t have  been able to work with gorgeous clients from all over the world, start an online business and meet life-long friends if I hadn’t taken that leap and said YES to this course in 2014.

To be able to learn from CEO and Founder Julie Parker is truly a gift and the world-wide community of coaches that she has created is absolute gold.

If there is any inkling in your heart that is leaning towards becoming a life coach, then scurry on over to their website*. Courses generally sell out months in advance so don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity.

I promise, you won’t regret it!


Wild, Well, Creative

Everything that my dear friend and fellow wellness coach Claire Baker creates comes from the heart. And her e-course Wild, Well & Creative has been a complete game-changer for me in living my most vibrant life.

This is an eight week online course and community that is completely devoted to nourishing and expressing your unique creativity.

Since completing the course in 2015, I’m now a proud ambassador and affiliate. Wild, Well, Creative cracked me wide open and played such a pivotal role in re-igniting my self-care practices and fostering my self-expression. In fact, it was during this time that I was unleashing my creative, playful side that my beloved got down on one knee so this course will always hold a special place in my heart for many reasons!

If you’ve been wanting to explore and devote more time to your self care and self-expression, then this is for you. Because to do our best work in the world, we need to feel our best!

If you’re keen to find out more, or jump on board when the next round begins, you can head over here*




I’m gathering up my favourite books, blog posts and websites so that I can bundle them up into categories for you. Think; self-care, career, my most helpful resources on navigating relationships + loads more.

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