Are you quick to celebrate your friends achievements or big wins but struggle to celebrate your own?

Do you feel like you constantly need to’tick off’ more on your to-do list before you can truly feel accomplished?

What about those ‘Negative Nancy’ thoughts that keep telling you that you’re not good enough? I know that you’ve been buying into those stories a little too much without even giving a second thought to all the incredible qualities, talents and strengths that you DO have.

Well lovely, it’s time to stop playing small and marvel at how far you’ve come.

It’s time to celebrate the most important important lady in your life…no not your barista, I’m talking about YOU!

As we inch closer towards the end of 2017, I know it’s easy to jump into panic mode thinking about all the goals and plans that you’re yet to achieve. Whilst it’s tempting to push yourself and hustle your way through, what if you were able to take a breath and reflect on all the amazing things you’ve ALREADY been able to achieve?

I’m not just talking about the celebratory moments when you found out you scored that job promotion, or the time that you jet-setted off on that long antipated holiday. Our celebrating goes beyond that. This is about celebrating, honouring and loving yourself even when shit may have hit the fan – you’re here, and you’re alive + kicking and that’s defintiely worthy of a celebration don’t you think?!

Join Life Coach + Writer for the twenty-somethings Tash Spencer (that’s me) for a soul-nourishing and uplifting group workshop dedicated to celebrating the delightful, kind, caring, freakin beautiful woman that you are. And if you’re already feeling uncomfortable as you let those words sink in, well sister – even more reason for you to join me!

What To Expect

Through group chats, heartfelt discussion, journalling activities, treats + a take home workbook too, this intimate 2 hour workshop will give you the permission to celebrate the beautiful person that you already are (no need for any fixing or improving!). We’ll be covering:

+ Why it’s important to celebrate yourself as a young, ambitious, high-achieving woman

+ Acknowledging your past + present achievements (the big and small ones!) and how to receive compliments and praise with love and grace.

+ Taking care of yourself + the beauty of reflection to help you slow down and savour life instead of always ‘pushing through’ and moving onto the next big thing.

+ How to continuously celebrate yourself and adopt a ‘more than enough’ mindset so you can take action on the goals that are most meaningful to you.

We’ll get together in a safe, nurturing and FUN space (it’s a celebration right?!) and to keep things nice and cosy, tickets will be limited to 10 amazing women to ensure that everyone get’s the love and attention that they deserve.

You’ll Receive 

+ A take-home workbook covering all of the content from the workshop so that you can continue your own celebrations long after the workshop has ended.

+ An opportunity to connect with like-minded women + meet some new friends in Brissy too!

+ Healthy treats + a selection of delicious tea’s to enjoy whilst we mingle + chat. Oh and hugs.

I’m so looking forward to meeting and celebrating YOU in person.

The Details


Sunday 19th November 2017

Inna Bliss Yoga Studio Camp Hill

Investment: $40 AUD (+ booking fee)

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