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It’s time for a celebration! Yep cue the party poppers and get ready to dance with Kool & The Gang – I’d officially like to welcome you to my revamped online space. It feels oh so good to freshen this space up and give it a new slick of paint. (Huge thanks to Nicki McKay for her stellar work once again!). In case you haven’t noticed I’ve also launched my ebook “Dream Big, Live Well, Feel Good: A 3 Part Guide To Living Your Most Vibrant Life”. It’s yours to keep for free when you sign up to my newsletter and I absolutely loved creating it for you. (Another shout out to Brianna at 27 Design Street for her beautiful design – thanks for making it look so pretty!).

Over the past month, I’ve slowly been in the process of revamping. It’s not only this online space that has had a little makeover; I’ve had this intense urge to upgrade all aspects of my life. The wardrobe has been cleared of old clothes and my hair has had a much-needed chop, but what also needed a good clean out was my old shitty beliefs.

Throughout the process of re-launching I felt anxious. I felt exposed. I felt icky and I started to question everything. Then I remembered that that’s what generally happens when we step out of our comfort zone. We come face to face with our biggest fears and leap into unknown territory.

I’ve seen this circulate throughout the Internet and it sum’s up the creative process perfectly:

Image Credit: Pinegate Road

Image Credit: Pinegate Road

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the launch of an ebook, or a new job, or going on a first date – whenever we’re stepping out of our comfort zone, it’s easy for us to be our own worst critic. We question our ability, our talent’s, our entire selves and we convince ourselves that we suck (at writing…at the new job…at dating). Let me remind you though – you don’t really suck. It’s just the fact that it’s a completely new experience.

Danielle Laporte explains this experience brilliantly. “Joy can be unsettling. Power can be terrifying. Newness is a mind trip. That’s all you need to know…It’s simply that this is new.” The milestone of writing an ebook and celebrating my new online home has brought me moments of pure joy coupled with that unsettling feeling.

Do you want to know what prevented me from curling up into a ball and hiding out? I knew why I wanted to share this with you. Funnily enough, it didn’t have anything to do with me at all.

I created this online space and ebook for you.

I want to support and guide you so that you can get inspired about living your most vibrant life. I see far too many women playing small and succumbing to the pressure of doing what they ‘should’ do – not necessarily what they want to do. In most cases it’s fear that’s holding us back from living out our full potential and it’s about time we get out of our own way.

Prepare to launch and don’t be afraid of the newness of the situation. Launching will actually lead you to your greatness. Get out of your own way and soon you will see that there is absolutely nothing stopping you.

If you’re ready to get real with your desires, get up close and personal with your fears and take serious action (now, not later) to live your most vibrant life, sign up below and get your free copy of my ebook. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Keep dreaming big!

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