What The Hell Is Life Coaching? My Personal Coaching Experience. Part 3

If you had asked me 3 years ago that I would be doing what I’m doing today, I would have said – “that’s impossible!”

I would jokingly search for ‘Life Coach’ jobs online and nothing would come up.

I would look at other health and wellness bloggers and think, “They’re lucky, I could never make it work”.

I would persevere through university assignments and ridiculous word counts in the hope that I would eventually be satisfied with a career in Social Work.

Now when I look back on that time – I’m so glad that I reached breaking point.

I knew I wasn’t having fun.

I knew I was lost and confused and stuck.

I knew that my tears weren’t normal.

And deep down inside, I knew that there was MORE out there for me.

3 years ago I made a decision to invest in a life coach and it completely changed my life.

I remember booking in that session and paying $300 (which felt like $10,000 at the time) and I felt sick to my stomach. Would this really help me?

I look back and laugh because I would pay double – triple even, for the confidence, clarity and direction it has given me.

Investing in my own coach has been the best gift I’ve ever given to myself.

In this video, I share my personal experience in working with a coach and how this one decision created such an impact on my life

Perhaps you might resonate with my story too? Settle in with a cuppa for the next 10 minutes. I hope my experience can help you to figure out ‘what the hell is life coaching’.

Have you ever made a decision that felt scary at the time but paid off? How has it impacted on your life today? Maybe you’ve been thinking about working with your own life coach but you’re feeling hesitant? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and if you feel the pull, you can book in for a complimentary consult with me here. No obligations whatsoever, just an opportunity to find out if coaching is right for you.

Big love (as always),

Tash x

PS. If you haven’t already – you can check out Part 1, and 2 in the “What The Hell is Life Coaching” series here and here

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