How To Navigate A Big Transition With Ease

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“You got the job.”

“It’s over.”

“It’s a no this time…”

They’re just some of the moments that leave us feeling shaken and unsteady. Whether we’ve taken a leap of faith, or life has thrown us a curve ball, we’ve all experienced that uncomfortable feeling of being in unfamiliar territory.

Of course it can be exciting, but with any change there has to be a period of transition from the old to the new. It’s moving from the certain to the uncertain, the expected to the unexpected and the ease to the unease. It’s a tricky phase to navigate, but we always come out the other side okay. In fact, we come out more than okay. I promise.

Changing high schools in year 10 was my first big transition. Despite being a bright, confident teen – there were plenty of tear stained journal entries. I never felt like I fully ‘fit in’.

My next big transition was moving 3 hours away from home to complete my university studies. I went from living in a secluded town, to the busy streets of Melbourne and spent every waking hour with 200 residents living on campus. Good times!

Throw in a stint on the singing TV show ‘X Factor’ and I sashayed my way into 5 seconds of fame. Unfortunately I returned to the harsh reality of being a poor uni student soon after.

My next move scared the absolute shit out of me but moving interstate to be with my man has been my best move yet. Almost 3 years on and life in Brissy has taught me so much about myself.

And now? Where does that leave me? Well I’m in the process of transitioning from my day job into my life coaching business. I guess you could say I’ve had my fair share of experiences when it comes to transitioning!

Each of these life changes has brought their unique struggles, lessons and blessings but there’s certainly been a common theme amongst them all.

Everything unfolds exactly as it should.

We can try to rush between each phase. We can close our eyes hoping to be on the ‘other side’ already – but sometimes you have to feel uncomfortable before you can feel comfortable again.

So how do we navigate a big transition with ease? What can we do to make this process a little easier so that we can embrace these new changes? I’ve got some ideas!

Give yourself time

I know it seems obvious but in a world that is so fixated on ‘quick fixes’, let’s just give ourselves a bit of time to feel all that we need to feel. Allow the new change to sink in and don’t put pressure on yourself to be further ahead than you are. A flower can’t blossom until it’s been given the right amount of water, food and sunlight, but an important part of the equation is of course time. A flower doesn’t grow over night, but soon enough, it blossoms into something beautiful and so will you.

Build your support network

I cannot stress the importance of leaning on people during these tricky transitions. It doesn’t mean that you’re weak, and nobody will think less of you. You’re vulnerable so embrace this delicate time and reach out when you need. I sought out the support from a psychologist after my X-Factor experience and also when I relocated. I also made an effort to build connections with people that I could trust to help me feel secure and safe. Don’t delay this step. Reach out and receive support. And please know that I’m here to support you too.

Focus on the joy

Our focus can be on the uncomfortable feelings, but what about the exciting aspects of this new transition? If you’ve scored yourself a new job, look at all the positives of starting anew. If you’re feeling stuck in your current job but want to move on to bigger and better things, practice gratitude for the colleagues and experiences this position has given you. There is always a positive to every situation; all it takes is a little shift in perspective.

Incorporate rituals

When everything feels uncertain and unfamiliar, incorporating self-care rituals can help us feel calm and grounded. When I first moved to Brisbane, I baked and enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen. When I was feeling insecure throughout high school, I turned to my journal to get all of my thoughts out of my head and onto paper. Come up with one or two rituals that can bring you that comfort throughout this transition. Soon enough, you will be feeling more at peace and you WILL get to the other side, smiling and feeling a lot more comfortable and happy with yourself.

I would love to know whether you’ve experienced a big transition? How did you navigate the transition period and what tools have helped you? As always, I love hearing your thoughts so let me know in the comments below.

Big love to you,

Tash x


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