How To Stay Healthy, Happy + Sane (And Stress Less): The Wedding Series

Ok my fellow bridey’s, time is moving rather quickly until the big day! May and June completely disappeared so now that we’re in July, I figured it was time for a decent update. With 5 months to go, keeping the stress levels in check has been really important.

Our major plans are all locked in which has been a lovely, smooth process so far but as soon as one thing gets ticked off – I realise there are another million and one things still to do! It’s exciting and even though I’m as organised as one could possibly be, I have noticed myself getting a little anxious as each month passes.

It only hit me the other day just how much planning and preparation goes into a wedding. It tests you on all sorts of levels, emotionally, mentally and of course financially which can sometimes take away from the true focus and meaning behind a marriage. When you stop and think about it – the art of planning a wedding is essentially an event management project. With so many people and elements involved, it’s incredible to think (or shall I say hope) that it all comes together on the day!

Let’s not forget that the real reason why this is happening is because you’re making a lifelong commitment to one another. It’s a special day and of course for it to unfold the way that you envisioned, important decisions and plans have to be made. However, if you’re anything like me, juggling wedding planning with work and all of our other responsibilities means that life can feel like one big gigantic ‘to do’ list! That’s why I’ve been making a conscious effort to focus on two things in the lead up:

  1. Our LOVE.
  2. Staying well as much as I possibly can.

Whilst I’d like to think that we’ve come a long way as a society, there is still the pressure to look our absolute best and have the ‘best of the best’. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I’ve had to keep myself in check so that I don’t get ‘too’ carried away with all the bridey stuff. Every gal would love to have the perfect skin, hair, nails, bod, teeth….you name it, but focusing on only 3 health and beauty rituals has helped me to reign that wild, wedding tornado in.

Here’s what I’m prioritising:


Ok, Winter is well and truly here so there hasn’t been a lot of movement happening but exercise has been pivotal in lowering my stress levels. I’m not interested in #shreddingforthewedding but I am keen on feeling radiant, fuelling my body as best as I can and feeling strong. I want to enjoy every minute of the day and seeing as it’s probably going to be one of the LONGEST yet fastest days in history, I think we all need our stamina.

Yin Yoga has been a godsend as holding poses for an extended period of time literally forces my brain to chill the F out. On the flip side, squeezing in a few PT sessions a week with a friend has been able to help with the exact opposite – sweating, jumping, getting the blood flow going and ramping up those feel good endorphins. Throw in a few walks when I can and all sanity is restored.

I should mention that there’s no specific ‘plan’ that I’m following and PT has been on hold because – yeah, winter – but I’m prioritising these things in the lead up for no other reason but because they make me feel good!


I’ve been wanting to straighten my bottom teeth for a little while now so naturally when it came down to planning the big day, this gave me an extra incentive to look into Invisalign. I’ve been blessed with straight front teeth but I’ve always had trouble flossing on my bottom teeth due to overcrowding. Enter my friend Jack from Hobsons Bay Dental who reassured me that the process was going to be subtle, yet effective.

Almost every fortnight since January I’ve been changing over my Invisalign plates which are essentially clear mouthguards for your teeth. Through amazing, whiz bang, dental technology, each plate is shaped differently to allow for gradual movements within the teeth. This means that every single day, my teeth have been doing a happy dance as they re-align themselves back to their positioning.

I’ve loved seeing the progress each month and I can’t believe how amazing it feels to run my tongue smoothly across that bottom row of teeth. I’ve also had a lisp at times but it’s all part of the fun!

Before + After

Before + After

Whilst I’ve never been overly self-conscious about it, I knew that if I invested in my health now – having a confident, beaming smile on my wedding day (and beyond) would be a lifelong gift to myself. Check out the progress pics above! Pretty cool eh?

HD Brows

Some gals invest in shoes, some invest in hair treatments or spray tans and other’s love to spend their dollars on food – one thing that I am loving at the moment is upping my brow game. Our brows completely shape our face and there’s no greater feeling than having fresh, well proportioned, neat brows to make you feel a million bucks! I’ve been seeing the lovely ladies at Simply Laser for HD brows to prep them for December. HD brows is a combo of threading, waxing and colouring the brows to revamp their shape, which ultimately means less make up on the day to ‘look and feel’ glam.

For an Italian stallion, my eyebrows are quite sparse so getting this done almost monthly will thicken them up by the end of the year. A hot tip that I’d love to pass on if you’re also hoping to strengthen your brow’s is buying a bottle of castor oil from your local pharmacy (around $14AUD) and massaging the oil into your eyebrows with a cotton bud before you go to sleep. The girls told me that this will naturally stimulate the hair growth and already I’ve started to see a difference. How good!

No make up but brow game strong!

No make up but brow game strong! *Spot the Invisalign plates too*


Emotionally, I’ve mostly felt calm but that constant low level of stress from an overactive mind has taken its toll (think hair falling out more than usual, memory like a gold fish!). Recently I decided to call in some extra support to make sure everything was ticking along as it should.

Despite studying nutrition for 3 years, I knew that it would be wise to get some personalised advice. Seeing qualified nutritionist and naturopath Gina for a consult was exactly what I needed! I know this is a bit of an overshare but a nutritionist is not only interested in what you eat. We spoke about everything that was going on from what my poo looks like (ha!) to my monthly cycle. I’ve been taking some herbal supplements this past month to balance out my hormones and I’m so glad that I’m getting this looked at now, not later. Hormones play a such an important role in our health and wellbeing, so if something’s been feeling a little off for you lately – please seek out a pro. Your hormones could be the key!

After a busy first half of the year, I also knew that I needed to completely refill the tank and so a heavenly facial from Nat at Kindred Toxin Free Facials did just the trick. I’ve seen Nat a few times now and I always seem to float out the door. Not only did my skin feel refreshed, but the entire experience of being massaged and doted on was pure bliss! The cup of herbal tea and raw chocolate at the end just topped it off too!

Now, most importantly – let’s focus on the LOVE!

To keep this engagement season alive and blossoming, here’s a few things that have unfolded that have brought me back down to earth and enabled me to stress-less:

+ Getting teary seeing Jim try on suits. Originally I thought that finding a suit to match the bridesmaid dresses would be difficult, but the minute I saw Jim all suited up, I couldn’t help but get a lil teary (I warned you – I’m a sook!). It brought up all the warm and fuzzy feelings of being able to see his smiling face as I walk down the aisle.

+ The engagement shoot! Our beautiful friend Kait Barker of Kait Photography captured some wonderful snaps of us and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Seeing as we’re getting married in my hometown of Echuca, I really wanted to capture some memories of us here in Brisbane without the whole wedding attire. Jimmy was hesitant at first but I roped him in and he eventually obliged! We couldn’t help but giggle as we looked into each other’s eyes because a). When you’re doing it for long enough, it kinda feels like you’re going cross eyed and b). When you look deeply enough, you can see your own reflection in the other person’s eyes (haha!).

Image Credit: Kait Photography

Image Credit: Kait Photography

+ Taking time out! When Jimmy and I have been feeling snowed under with work or other commitments, we love getting out of the house for a coffee and a chai. This simple ritual always manages to keep us sane and reminds us to make time for each other.

+ Planning other exciting adventures outside the wedding. Sometimes it feels like all our conversations are surrounded by work or wedding stuff, but planning other adventures or mini getaway’s has helped us to prioritise FUN stuff! We’ve booked a night away being tourists in our own city and we’ve got a hot air balloon ride to look forward to (big thanks to our amazing friends for their generous engagement gifts!).

If you’re planning a wedding too, I’d love to hear your stress-busting tips! Or if you’re already a wifey, what rituals or regime’s did you have in place in the lead up to your wedding to ensure that you focused on the love?

And in case you’d like to read up on my previous posts in the wedding series, you can check them out here and here.

Until next month’s instalment!

Tash x

Image Credit: Sweet Ice Cream Photography

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