How to Stay Healthy, Happy & Sane: The Wedding Series

I was looking at the calendar the other day and realised, ‘Shiiiiiit… It’s 9 months until our Wedding!’ – time flies when you’re having fun eh!?

It’s an incredibly exciting time and in all honesty, I unashamedly put my hand up as a lover of LOVE and all things weddings. I’ve been waiting for this day my whole entire life and yet it still feels surreal that I’ll be a Mrs come December.

But as with most big milestones and transitions, this time can also be filled with stress, anxiety and doubt. We have pictures in our head of what it would be like planning a wedding, but the reality can be quite different to the perfection that we envision. And as I’ve discovered, there’s lots of information out there on ‘how to choose your wedding guest list’ and ‘colour themes for Summer and Spring’ but there’s no real truth-telling when it comes to the in’s and out’s of planning a wedding, and the crazy ride of emotions we can undergo in the process.

That’s why I want to share my journey with you in navigating the decision-making, the preparations and share a few details or two. A little indulgent of me? Maybe, but consider it your backstage pass in my attempts to stay healthy, happy and sane in the lead up to our big day. Whether you’re single, a bride to be, or just want to come along for the ride, I’ll be writing a monthly update to share all the happenings of the #jimmyandtash2016 wedding. (Yes girls, hashtag’s are a THING!)

One very important thing that I’d like to mention before we kick-start ‘the wedding series’ is that once the wedding is done and dusted – once the cake has been cut and the flowers have died, there is an entire new landscape that we have to navigate as women.

Married life.

So let’s not forget amongst all the hype of this one day, that there is also a lifetime of love (and no doubt high’s and low’s) that we will encounter as a wife. Perhaps that could be a whole other series, but for now – join me on this wild ride as I uncover the vortex of Pinterest boards, the never-ending checklists and of course the FUN in planning this very special event with my main man.

So…are you ready to PARRRRR-TAAYYY? *A word of warning* ‘Bridesmaids’ is up there on my favourite movie list, so I’m sure we’ll have a few laughs along the way!

Once the excitement of the proposal settled (which you can read all about here), I’ve come to realise that planning a wedding is made up of a series of decisions. Some of these decisions have made me squirm in my seat and cry, and some have been quite simple.

I’ve tried to keep an open mind and heart, but I know (at times) my decisions can be swayed by different people and influences. That’s why it’s more important than ever to trust myself and my intuition throughout the wedding planning and so far – this has served me well!

Decision Making + The Big Details

How do you decide on a wedding date? Where? How many people? What theme? How do you want to celebrate?

So many questions and so many options! There’s certainly no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to celebrate a wedding so knowing that – the only way to decide is to choose what YOU both want.

It was a no-brainer to have our wedding in Victoria as majority of our family and friends are there. Having sung at numerous weddings throughout university, my home town of Echuca was the perfect pick. It’s certainly become known as a wonderful wedding destination for its warm weather and gorgeous venues, plus getting married in my high school chapel (where I sat as a student from years 10-12) will be very sentimental.

For us, choosing a date was both difficult and relatively easy. Working for an AFL footy club, Jimmy only gets certain periods of time off throughout the year so we had limited options to choose from. But as we’ve discovered, having fewer options also makes the decision making a whole lot easier!

I had never envisioned getting married in December but due to a whole other host of commitments, late December was the best option.

With a few friends overseas and interstate and having to travel from Brisbane ourselves – we knew that most people would get time off in the lead up to Christmas. And whilst it was never intended to be so close to Chrissy, we think it will be a nice way to kick-start the holiday season with a wedding!

And Jimmy’s favourite number is 12 so there ya go!

Once we had locked in the date and venue’s, it was then time to think about the vendor’s that would help bring our magical day to life. 

I love supporting local and we’re very lucky to have such talented (busy!) creatives in Echuca, so we booked both our photographer and florist fairly early on – which I will reveal in good time 😉

I have also arranged to have our invitations designed and printed by a gorgeous young lady in Echuca too so I didn’t have to search far and wide.

To help make these decisions easier, two things really helped;

1. Knowing that I loved their work already and could envision our photo’s being taken, our flowers and the invites.

2. I really trusted them and all communication with them had been easy, light, and fun! To have people like this helping you to create this incredible day makes it all the more special. 

The final thing that we’ve recently locked in is our band. Whilst we would have loved to have sourced someone locally for this – we fell in love with a band from Melbourne (again, to be revealed soon). Because music and dancing is important to us, we certainly didn’t want to leave this decision until later on so we’re very excited to kick up our heels. We know they’ll get everyone up on the dance floor!

These kind of details might not be on our husband to-be’s radar, but I couldn’t make any of these decisions without Jimmy’s input. It’s OUR day after all, and so I wanted Jimmy to be involved in every single one of these decisions because they really do make up our day as a whole. When we got engaged we picked three or four words that we wanted to describe our wedding and so these words have been at the forefront of our minds; heartfelt, relaxed and FUN.

Whenever we’ve had to make a decision – it’s been nice to ask ourselves, will this be heartfelt and romantic? Will this make us feel relaxed? How can we make it even more fun?

Of course, other important decisions have been made but I shall save the high’s and low’s of making those decisions in next month’s instalment!

What I’m Loving Right Now

+ Discovering new websites and resources like The Bare Bride, which goes beyond the fluffy white dress  and opens up more real conversations about getting married and planning the big day.

+ White Magazine‘s revamp and including real-life stories surrounding marriage, what happens after the Wedding and of course throw in some beautiful pics of inspo here and there too. They’ve nailed it!

+ My friend Jack from Hobson’s Bay Dental in Melbourne has fitted me with Invisalign clear braces to straighten my bottom teeth so I’m excited to see how this progresses (stay tuned!)

+ Meditation. More to come on this, but it’s really helped when overwhelm strikes!

+ Our support system; our family and friends have been so supportive so far, and it’s nice to have so many other people care about our special day just as much as we do.

I’d love to know: are you planning a wedding at the moment? What has helped you make these big decisions? Or if you’re already married, what was the best decision you made when planning your wedding? Your tips and hints are most welcome! 

It’s only the beginning!

Until next time,

Tash x

Image Credit: Josh Felise


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  • Diana

    Did I read right? Are you getting married on the 12th Dec? That’s my wedding anniversary too 🙂 How exciting for you.

    • Natasha Sciotto

      Hi Di! Thanks so much for reading. No not the 12th but we will certainly have the same month for our anniversary too! 🙂 Hope you’re well lovely x

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