It’s Time to Begin

If I could sum up this past month with one word it would have to be enlightening. I’ve been working on a few things (namely myself) and it appears that it has been all worth-while. I won’t lie – there has been struggle, and there has been resistance but without these, I don’t think we can truly change or become the people we want to be.

Since returning from Bali, I’ve been rushing here and there, eating, sleeping, breathing but not the mindfulness kind. The kind where the days roll by, and you’re on auto-pilot. Self care fell by the wayside and running late to work became the norm. Yet, there comes a point when you know something needs to change. I needed to take action. Instead of wishing, or waiting for things to get better or fall into place, I knew that I needed to just start DOING. Doing what you ask? Well it all started with a list.

I wrote down all the things that make me happy – from dancing, to cups of tea, to having dinner and drinks with friends. Pretty simple hey, but the minute I started writing, I couldn’t believe how quickly my mindset shifted. All the things I wrote down were so available to me and yet I couldn’t find time out of my ‘busy’ day to do 10 minutes of yoga. If it brings you joy and stirs up a fire in your soul, then you must give yourself permission to experience this. I made a commitment to myself to at least do one thing on that list every day. I kept saying to myself, you can spare 5 minutes and it became so much easier to let the joy back in. No pressure, just a kind, gentle reminder to enjoy every mouthful of food, or listen to music (Thanks Katie Noonan).

Some very inspiring women have also encouraged and supported me to take action this past month. I feel they all deserve their own individual blog posts, but I can assure you – there is more to come. Here is a little snippet of my wonderful experiences with these beautiful souls:

1. Nat Kringoudis

If you haven’t come across Nat Kringoudis in the online world then I think you may have been living under a rock. An inspirational lady and pioneer for women’s health, Nat is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and has created a wonderful online space to share her knowledge about all things to do with fertility, hormones, stress and nutrition. Nat has been touring Australia with her “Debunking Ovulation” seminar, and I was very fortunate to meet her when she came to Brisbane. Now before your eyes widen in  shock by the words fertility or ovulation, the premise behind Nat’s message is that fertility is not just about making babies – it’s about having a healthy reproductive system and becoming more in tune with how your body functions. I will go into the full details of what brought me to Nat’s event at a later stage, but since coming across Nat and her work, I have been seeing a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and receiving acupuncture. Taking action in this area has helped me look at all the aspects in my life that are impacting on my health.

2. Julie Parker

I am so grateful to have stumbled upon Julie Parker and her site ‘Beautiful You’. The idea of life coaching has intrigued me since uni, and now that I have allowed this tiny little spark to ignite, I knew I had to work with Julie. Not only does Julie specialise in life and business coaching, but she is also a fully qualified counsellor and Social Worker – something that is important to me whilst in the midst of my Social Work studies. Julie has been inspiring people to lead their most authentic, and beautiful life and I can say whole-heartedly that she has certainly made an impact on me. My Shine Consult with Julie has given me so much clarity and direction. It has helped me sort through a whole bunch of feelings about my career, and where my passions lie, which can be quite difficult when you have a lot of interests. Investing in myself and not being afraid to do that has been one of the best decisions I have made.

3. Brisbane Bloggers Catch Up

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by social media and Facebook that I want to rid myself of all technology, but then I remember the power that it holds in being able to connect with like minded people. That is what happened when I simply joined a Facebook group. Last weekend, I was able to meet up with some wonderful women in person to chat about our blogs, share information, and provide each other with support and encouragement to cultivate our online spaces. It felt so nice to have a tribe of women to hold you accountable. I left feeling motivated to keep sharing and writing, and I cannot wait to connect with even more like minded people in the blogosphere. Helloooo to you out there!

So I guess all this action has created a bit of a shift. It has made me realise that sometimes taking action is the only way to move forward. We can keep waiting for the right moment to come, or waiting for more money, OR we can literally start today. Start doing something that will make you more happy, more joyful and more fulfilled, and wait to see it all unfold before your eyes.  So what will you do today? Remember, 5 minutes is all it takes to set you on the path to feeling good.

Tash x

PS. Take some time today to check out Nat and Julie’s page here, and here – I promise you won’t regret it.

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  • rachellehawken

    The first steps on this journey can feel overwhelming lonely, it’s so nice when you eventually find other people who get where you’re at. It makes it so much easier and worthwhile! xxx

    • nsciotto

      Thanks Rachelle, it can be quite daunting putting yourself out there but with support you soon realize the pay off far outweighs the fear. Looking forward to our next catch up 🙂 x x

  • Scripting Happiness

    Reblogged this on Morning Angel and commented:
    Came here for some motivation and healthy advice and I’m so happy I found this post!

  • Lisa Hatherly

    Happy to be part of your inspirational/motivational month! X x

    • nsciotto

      Thanks Lisa! Hope you managed to rest up this weekend x

  • threeseedsgroup

    I LOVE this! So often we get caught up in “doing” and “becoming” that we completely forget to make time for simply being. The good old fashioned list is an awesome way to re-connect with the things that nourish our mind, body and spirit. Thank you Nat for reminding us to take pause and move our focus every now and then. I’ve got pen and paper in hand and am making my list (and checking it twice) right now xo

    • nsciotto

      Thank you lovely lady! So glad you enjoyed this – you will have to let me know what’s on your list 🙂

  • Kylie

    Well done Tash, for renewing your commitment to your blog and to honouring your own happiness. I look forward to reading all the posts that are to come. Loving the new blog banner too! x

    • nsciotto

      Thanks so much for your support Kylie – the page is certainly still a work in progress but Kait at Kait Photography in Brisbane did a fabulous job with the pics. Looking forward to seeing what’s coming up next at ‘from rivers edge’ x x

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