No More Guilt: It’s Time to Start Feeling Good about Spending (and Earning) Money.

Image Credit: Julia Caeser

Image Credit: Julia Caeser

The other day I excitedly purchased tickets to see Oprah for her Australian live tour. When I first saw the ticket price I was shocked, but then I proceeded to click ‘buy now’ and $800 later, Mum and I were on our way to see the divine Miss O.

When I told friends and work colleagues that I had purchased tickets I was met with mixed reactions.

“That is so expensive!”

“Wow – she’s charging so much money!”

It suddenly hit me that my money mindset has drastically changed over the past few years. Instead of seeing something as expensive or inexpensive – I now ask myself one big question before I make a purchase.

Is this going to add value to my life?

Of course I’m no money expert and yes there’s still bills/rent to pay, but this guiding principle has certainly made parting with money a whole lot easier.

I still have my days where I’m stuck in the scarcity mindset, and yeah, I’ve had my fair share of weeks living pay-check to pay-check but spending money on things that I truly value has given me experiences that I will cherish forever.

It all comes down to that number one question: what do you perceive as valuable?

We’re all unique and what we choose to invest in is certainly a personal choice. The thing is, there’s no right or wrong. Some people have a passion for fashion and enjoy spending $250 on a pair of gorgeous shoes. Others decide to invest and buy a house and some of us have no trouble spending $20,000-$30,000 travelling the world. If spending that money aligns with your values and feels true for you, then go for it!

Over this past year I’ve invested my money into courses, life coaching, overseas travel, my health and this lovely business of mine. Why? Because I value personal and professional development. My overall growth as a person is much more important to me than a new pair of shoes, and that’s just me.

Coming up to tax time it can be quite daunting looking at our finances, but if we’re spending our money on things that we value – there’s no reason to feel guilty.

It’s taken me a long time to get my head around it, but money is simply an exchange in energy.

I’ve parted with money and in return I’ve gained knowledge.

I’ve gained inner peace.

I’ve gained freedom and adventure.

I’ve gained understanding, clarity and confidence.

And yes, I’ve gained health and happiness.

It’s true that money can’t buy you happiness – but the value or intention behind that purchase? Hell yeah it can make you happy! Every time I pick up that beautiful teacup, or turn the pages of a much-loved book, I’m adding value. Every time I speak with my coach and get one on one support, I turn fear into inspired action.

So let’s stop with the shame. No more guilt and no more anxiety about parting with our cash (because you know it always comes back to you, right?).

It’s time to start feeling good about spending and of course – earning money. I want to know: what do you value? What are the types of things/experiences that you’ll happily buy, knowing that it adds value to your life?

If living a vibrant, creative, purposeful and inspired life is important to you – perhaps it might be time to invest in a life coach? I love hearing about all your hope’s and dreams and now’s the chance to take action and make it a reality.

Dream Big… and bring on Oprah!

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  • Elise

    Yes! I love this post. I’ve just been diving into my money mindset a bit deeper and it’s a bit of a rabbit hole! Haha. I agree with you, it’s totally an exchange of value. I think once we begin to realise exactly what we value, it becomes easier to participate in that exchange without feeling as guilty. Have you heard of Denise Duffield Thomas aka Rich Bitch? I’ve just ordered one of her books and I’m really excited to dive in. She’s all about improving our messed up relationships to money- especially women. Her blog is a great one to check out too. So happy I found you again xx. Elise

    • Natasha Sciotto

      Oh I totally agree Elise – it can be such a confronting topic and the more layers we peel back, the more we discover about our money beliefs. I LOVE Denise’s work and have read her books, and done a mini course of her’s, so I hope you enjoy it. It all comes down to awareness and being mindful of the stories we tell ourselves about money and our worth. Thanks so much for stopping by and I’m so glad I found YOU and your divine yoga class. x x

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