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Here are a few kind words from some of the lovely people that I’ve had the pleasure of coaching. I’m proud as punch of each and every one of them and what they’ve been able to achieve!

When I first approached Tash, I was hoping to gain clarity on what I wanted to do with my career. After that very first session, I soon discovered that what I really wanted was to make life decisions confidently and find my way own to help people.

Having the confidence to make decisions, however big or small has honestly changed my life. Not only has building my confidence and trusting my own decision-making led me to a new PR job in a new industry, but it’s also solidified the need to take chances on opportunities that I know I’m capable of.

This has also led me towards the process of starting my own business, which is something that I never thought would be possible! Thank you for everything Tash. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without your guidance and support.

– Remi Gordon

Over the past three months, Tash’s calming presence and accountability helped to support me throughout a busy semester at University. I know (and knew) that self care was important but I needed to feel that I was truly deserving and worthy of it.

“How can I be more kind to myself” was such a powerful question that Tash asked me at the beginning of our series, and it is something that I will refer back to for the rest of my life. Every coaching session with her was something that I looked forward to. Thank you so much Tash!

– Jenna McBain

Life has done a big 360 since coaching with Tash. I went from feeling stuck and unhappy in my career to finding a new job in a totally different industry and country.

I was anxious about change but with Tash’s support, I’ve become more open and excited about it. Her soulful, in-depth questions helped me to dig deep and acknowledge passions that I always had, but never acted on. I’ve stopped daydreaming and started doing.

Coaching with Tash has made me realize that my goals are achievable and with a little bit of help, I can accomplish anything. Self-love and self-confidence has been the biggest change that I’ve witnessed in myself. It’s been life-changing!

– Christine Fisher

My perfectionism and straight-A-student mindset was holding me back from really enjoying the process of transitioning into the coach and person that I wanted to be. My coaching series with Tash helped me to realise that I am enough – exactly as I am, whilst still being able to pursue my big hopes and dreams.

Through coaching with Tash, I’ve to come to learn how to take the pressure off myself and trust my own unique ebbs and flows. I’ve been able to shift from a scarcity, fear based mindset to one of gratitude and compassion which has given me so much more inner peace and fulfilment.

Knowing that Tash had my back and was there to support me and celebrate with me made me feel empowered and allowed me the space to really take care of myself. I’ve been able to enjoy the process of stepping into my dream career and now I have full trust in myself knowing this is the right path for me.

– Anna Marie Locke

Since coaching with Tash I’ve completely surprised myself with everything that I’ve been able to achieve.

Not only was I able to come to terms with my knee injury but my time with Tash has helped me to uncover and get clear on my fitness dreams. I now have the tools and the confidence to take up opportunities to empower others and I feel so proud to be teaching group fitness classes within my community.

What has surprised me the most is that I now have a new found confidence within myself. This has helped me to cultivate more like-minded, genuine friendships and I feel so grateful and lucky for all that has unfolded in the past few months. Thank-you Tash!

Britt Allman

Prior to working with Tash I was afraid to move forward due to a fear of failure and I was struggling to find balance amongst a busy schedule. Tash has helped me to implement new ways to organize my time and create a more harmonious lifestyle.

I was also able to identify the underlying reasons as to why I was hesitant to change and move forward.

Working with Tash has been an incredible experience, she is 100% dedicated to helping her clients reach their goals and live a truly abundant life.

– Tracy Hopf

Working with Tash, I was able to open up without feeling like there was any expectation, judgment, or pressure on myself. I felt so at ease knowing that every session I could show up, without any worry or fear about ‘doing things right’.

My biggest discovery has been the relationship that I have with my own spirituality and self. I’ve learned so much about my own beliefs, my capabilities, and my faith in the last three months. This has helped me to trust that I am exactly where I’m meant to be and have everything that I could possible need. This confidence and trust has filtered into my work, my marriage, my home, my finances and everything in between. Thanks a million, Tash!

– Jess Davison

Tash gave me such clarity and precise direction in my life when I was at a low point and needed guidance. I had moved interstate, was in the middle of a career transition and was hoping to become financially independent which brought up a lot of fear for me. Since coaching with Tash, I feel more organised and focused and I believe in myself like never before.

I have confidence in my abilities and my unique skill set within my job and my inner world is much more peaceful. Tash helped me to cut through the negative self talk and had so much faith in me. She knew how to open me up and asked the best questions which led to some amazing realisations about myself. Tash made me feel supported throughout the entire coaching process.

Tegan Dunn

As a wife, mother and business owner, my priority list was growing by the day and my self care was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t know if a life coach would benefit me but since working with Tash, I feel empowered and balanced – emotionally, physically and spiritually. She truly is a holistic life coach.

Tash helped me to uncover my own personal wellbeing tools. Tools that would allow me to step back, give myself more grace and have a birds eye view of my very blessed and wonderful life. Tools to let go, stop sweating the small stuff and uncover what my heart and intuition is telling me. I have learnt to say yes and no when I need to and I know these tools will last a life time.

Throughout my time with Tash, I discovered that self love and self care isn’t selfish or greedy. In fact, it is essential and paramount to leading the vibrant, fulfilling life I’m deserving of.

Her ability to really listen and tenderly ask powerful questions has enabled me to experience many resolutions. All aspects of my life have a brand new sparkle having reached out to Tash, and I would strongly urge anyone to do the same.

– Kristy Docking

When I first met Tash, I intuitively knew that she would be the right coach for me. I expected an amazing journey of self discovery, support and guidance – which did not disappoint. Tash coached in an authentic, heartfelt, encouraging way where she really listened and supported me wherever I was at.

I was able to realise that I was already doing really well, that I didn’t need to have everything figured out and as a result I started putting less pressure on myself. I am happy with how it all unfolded and what came out of my journey. Thank you for a wonderful coaching series Tash.

– Natalie Bowers

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