A 3 month coaching series to intentionally map out the life and career that feels more meaningful to you


  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are, your skills, talents and strengths and identify your non-negotiables so you can map out your next best career move. Move through your current work day with ease, knowing that you’ve already come up with a long-term plan to reach your full potential.
  • Instead of that insecurity that tends to creep in, start to back yourself wholeheartedly when it comes to making those big life and career decisions. From saying yes to that new course, or choosing to let go of a role that’s no longer serving you, you’ll start to tap into your own intuition and make choices that ultimately feel good for you.
  • Feel excited about channeling your time and energy into a life that aligns with your personal and professional values. By acknowledging what’s most important to you, you’ll be able to marry up your best intentions with consistent action so you can ‘do it’ rather than stay dreaming about it.
  • Unpack those fears of failing or falling behind that are holding you back. With brand new awareness and confidence, you’ll develop the mindset tools to continually move forward and ramp up the voice in your head that says ‘you can’.
  • Balance out the working week with fun and restoration and re-prioritise all that nourishes you outside of your work. Discover how to work with your own productive rhythms, banish the guilt and feel like your most vibrant, inspired self.


  • We’ll set inspiring, clear goals from the get-go. You’ll know exactly where your focus will be over the next three months and you’ll feel excited as we map out this new direction together. No more ‘what if’s’, ‘musts’, or ‘shoulds’. It’s happening!
  • Then, we’ll uncover what’s most important to you in transitioning to the life and career that you desire. Here, we’ll explore your options and take a practical approach to fully enhance your self confidence, and make the necessary big and small tweaks to support your long term vision. This is completely personalised to you!
  • With unwavering support, you’ll take positive, consistent action… And we all know that baby steps equal big leaps in the long-run!
  • All the fear, the procrastination, the thoughts in your head telling you to wait a few more months until you feel more qualified, or held tight through the busy period, we’ll blast through those and get some movement happenin’!
  • With compassion and accountability, you’ll be fully supported as you rediscover and realign towards the meaningful life and career that you’ve been craving. That means carving out designated time to work on those creative projects, following through on that job application or having that tough convo that leaves you feeling liberated and taking full ownership of your happiness. If you’re ready and dedicated to dive in and do this work, let’s get started!


6 x 60-minute coaching calls via Skype or phone (depending on your preference/location) held every fortnight – time carved out especially for you to receive support and accountability and consolidate your plans gently and consistently (goodbye overwhelm!)

Unlimited email support throughout the three months to maximise your coaching experience, and uncover further strategies and tips to help you rise (as you need) in between sessions.

Worksheets and activities to help you embody all that you are working towards in your life and career so you can solidify your intentions and goals outside of our sessions (and beyond!)

Your investment: $330 AUD per month over 3 months, or *$891 AUD in total
*Receive a 10% discount if paid upfront in full*



When I first started coaching with Tash, I had just quit my full-time job to spend more time working on Soda Pop – my small business which was in its infancy. I had a lot of stressors whirling around between working on my business, searching for part time work as well as getting my ideas and plans off the ground and I knew I needed someone to help me simplify, provide accountability and create an achievable plan to stay on track towards my goals.

After that very first session with Tash, I instantly felt calmer, yet energized at the same time! It was important for me to not feel ‘judged’ or be made to feel like I’m ‘underperforming’ throughout the sessions (as I was preparing to move house too) but Tash never made me feel like I was failing to live up to the action steps or goals. In fact, she encouraged me to take more time for myself when I needed it, and move forward at my own pace.

Throughout our 3 months of sessions, I had several stressful periods where I felt disengaged with my business or work life but with Tash’s support, I feel much more positive about my business potential and its growth. The simple act of clarifying what I want and why has made it feel even more achievable. I’m now at peace with the pace that my business is growing, and am willing to make more time for self-care and my relationship. I’ve felt more excited about working on my business which has already attracted more opportunities and successful outcomes. And instead of getting carried away or distracted by endless options, I’m now able to create better habits to manage my time. What’s really surprised me is that I’ve been able to align my business and lifestyle goals in a way where they’re connected, rather than being mutually exclusive. Even my partner has experienced the benefits of my sessions with Tash, as everything that I worked through with her has helped us to become clear and aligned with our shared goals too.

Admittedly, I’ve been skeptical about life coaching in the past, yet I can 100% vouch for working with Tash. She’s made me feel comfortable to open up and work through all my thoughts, feelings and goals, and I’m so glad that I’ve had her support to guide me throughout this transition. I will miss our sessions!

–  Nat Welfare

When I first approached Tash, I was hoping to gain clarity on what I wanted to do with my career. After that very first session, I soon discovered that what I really wanted was to make life decisions confidently and find my way own to help people.

Having the confidence to make decisions, however big or small has honestly changed my life. Not only has building my confidence and trusting my own decision-making led me to a new PR job in a new industry, but it’s also solidified the need to take chances on opportunities that I know I’m capable of.

This has also led me towards the process of starting my own business, which is something that I never thought would be possible! Thank you for everything Tash. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without your guidance and support.

– Remi Gordon


When it comes to a lil’ thing like – oh, y’know – changing your life, you might have a few hesitations. And that’s perfectly natural.

I know that you might not feel ready right now. Perhaps you feel scared to part with your hard-earned cash, or you might be sceptical about whether coaching can legitimately help. I totally get it!

If you happen to have any further questions, feel free to head on over to my FAQ page or take a look at what my former clients had to say about their coaching experience, but I do want to ask you this…

Will things really be different if you wait?

And what exactly are you waiting for?
Will you ever feel ready?
Did you feel ‘ready’ when you finished university or school? Were you ready to take off your training wheels when you first learnt to ride a bike? Of course not!

Sometimes we feel the complete opposite to ready. That’s why it’s important to listen to your heart and ask yourself: What might be possible if I had this kind of support in my life?

Whatever you decide, please know that I’m here for you. I’ve got your back and if you’d like to work together to create more meaning and happiness in your life – get in touch and it would be my absolute pleasure to help.

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