Reflecting on 2013. Embracing 2014 – Part 2

In case you missed it, last week I shared my little recap of 2013 and how ‘success’ has been at the forefront for me. My whole concept of success has shifted and now that we are making our way into 2014, it’s time to do some serious goal setting for an even bigger and better year.

So, I figured the first step was to start writing out all the things that I wanted to play out in 2014; pay off car, travel, exercise more… you get the drift. There’s something so powerful about words being on paper, it’s as if they become more real when they no longer live in our heads. It didn’t matter how big or small these goals were, I thought having them down on paper will help me to assess how I was going to make these things happen. Then a video popped up on my news feed and it all made sense – “4 Steps to Set Goals with Soul” with Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte. Within the past few months, these two women and their work have shown up, and the more I have delved in, the more I have realised that this happened for a very good reason.

There I was with my 5 big goals for 2014, but after watching this video they immediately didn’t feel right anymore. I had this plan of breaking down these goals into smaller chunks – what am I going to do on a monthly, weekly, daily basis to get closer to these goals. Whilst that concept is great in theory, this video made me realise; what is at the heart of our goals, and why do we want to achieve them?

“You’re not chasing the goal, you’re chasing a FEELING” – Danielle LaPorte

Woah. All this time we have been creating these goals with the mindset that once I achieve this (insert amazing thing here) I’m going to feel this or be this. Perhaps we could try another way. Ask yourself first, what is it that I want to FEEL– is it joy, is it freedom, is it love? If we fall into the trap of focusing on the goal or end result, this will only leave us feeling dissatisfied or underwhelmed, or forever wanting more (even if we do achieve these goals).

So instead of writing out that list of things you want to achieve in 2014, perhaps ask yourself what is it that you want to feel? Start brainstorming, and once you are able to pinpoint these feelings, THEN you will be able to work out what is that you are going to do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to feel that.

I’ve done a little bit of brainstorming and for 2014 I want to feel CREATIVE, INSPIRED and CONNECTED. To feel creative, I’m going to continue to blog, write, dance, sing and feed those desires to lead a more creative life. I want to feel inspired, so I am going to constantly explore/read/study things that inspire me, whether that be learning more about wellness, travelling to new places, and devoting my time and energy into doing things that feel good. I want to feel connected and therefore I’m hoping to cultivate stronger relationships with friends, family and loved ones.

So how do you want to feel? Check out the video How To Set Goals With Soul and let me know your thoughts. Has this changed the idea of goal setting for you? Here’s to feeling whatever you want to feel in 2014!

Tash x

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