The One Question You Need To Ask Yourself This Year

Woah woah woah…Hello February?! After what has been a huge couple of months, I’m so excited to be back here and settled into my online home for 2016. It’s taken a little longer than usual to get back into the swing of things here, but do you know what? That’s okay. That’s the beauty of making up your own rules!

Your so-called ‘new year’ can start any day, so if you’ve felt like you’ve been scrambling since the clock ticked over on January 1 – it’s alll good my friend!

My ritual at the start of year always involves some form of goal setting and planning, but I also think it’s important to give ourselves some flexibility when setting these intentions.

If you’ve been saying things like, “This is THE year that I….” and “I’m finally going to devote more time to…” well I want to stop you in your tracks.

I know that this year may be the year that you get back into shape and sign up for that fun run.

I know that 2016 could be the year that you build that savings buffer instead of living pay check to pay check.

And I know that this may very well be the year of ‘travel’ – of meeting new people and experiencing the world in a completely different light.

But there’s one important question you need to ask yourself this year (which I’ll get to in a minute).

You can ride the momentum and spark of that fresh, new-year feeling but we all know how it turns out.

Our motivation dries up, life gets busy again and that spark fizzles. Our hopes and dreams turn into a distant memory as we just try to make it through another day.

I have a feeling that things could be very different if you asked yourself this one important question:

“Why do you want it?”

Why is getting fit important to you? Is it so you can wake up feeling good in your body? Is it because you’re craving more energy or maybe it’s about exploring what your body is truly capable of?

Why do you really want to save money? Why is having extra money in the bank important to you? Is it because you want to feel a sense of security or build a ‘just in case’ fund? Perhaps you want to build a nest egg to buy your first home (puts hand up!) or start a family. The real reason why you want to save money could be more about experiences – maybe you want to drink wine and eat cheese in Tuscany or go on a solo retreat, just you and your notebook in hand for an entire week.

It doesn’t really matter what your reason or purpose is – as long as you simply have one.

When you know your why, there’s a deeper meaning and reason behind your goals. And with that deeper meaning comes more passion and motivation.

Knowing your why helps you to truly connect with your goals and this is what enables you to take much needed action. Because why would anyone take action if they had no reason to?

You can write your goals out a thousand times but if you haven’t asked yourself ‘why?’ – your only going to achieve your goals for the sake of achieving them. You and I can do better than that!

So before you buy those expensive runners, before you book that trip, and before you dive head first into mapping out the next 12 months, spend some time thinking about what you truly want, and why you want it.

As long as it’s meaningful to you – that’s all that matters.

Your reason doesn’t have to be big or bold, but please don’t say ‘just because’.

You want it because it would give you a better shot at thriving, not just surviving. You want it because you want to feel that elation every morning when you wake up next to your lover. And you want it because you want a place to call ‘home’ – a place that you can decorate however the hell you like so you can put those nails on the wall to hang those beautiful pictures.

Know your why and you’ll be more inclined to make it happen.

Now, go on and make those dreams happen!

Big love,

Tash x

PS. If you’ve got some goals and dreams up your sleeve – I’d love to know ‘why’ you want to turn them into reality? Declaring and writing them down is so powerful, so let’s bring them to life even more by sharing with me in the comments.

Image Credit: Frank Park

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