I help fellow ambitious women go after what they truly want, without being so darn hard on themselves – because we’re already so darn hard on ourselves as it is.

You’re a young woman.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ve got plenty of goals and dreams coming out of your eyeballs and ears. As a twenty something, you’re fully aware of the endless opportunities, excitement and fun that’s to be had, but it also comes with a side serving of avocado, anxiety and overwhelm to ‘tick all the boxes’…like yesterday.

One minute you’re on fire, completely on top of the world and then boom – a niggling feeling takes over that you just can’t shift.

Have I made the right career choice?

Should I settle down already?

I’m supposed to be happy, but am I truly… happy?

The shit storm of second-guessing yourself is REAL. On the outside, it looks like you’ve accomplished so much (and you have) yet where you are right now is just not hitting the sweet spot for you. Your restless and stuck and the truth is, it’s not necessarily because you want more… you’re just ready for something more meaningful.

You want a more meaningful career, more meaningful relationships and most importantly, you want to do the things that YOU want to do – not because you should – but purely because you want to feel good.

What if I told you that you could take the pressure off, re-evaluate your priorities and start anew…all without the overwhelm?

I can almost hear that big sigh of relief from over here (yep, it was THAT loud).

No matter what has been holding you back – the fear, the procrastination, the excuses – I truly believe that there’s no better time to go after what you truly want than…now. And the best part is, those big dreams can happen without burning yourself out or beating yourself up in the process.

How? With a whole lot of courage, kindness and a helping hand. With a supportive cheer leader and a sassy accountability partner (that’s me by the way), you can finally stop thinking about all the things you want to do, and actually go ahead and do the damn things.

Transitioning towards a more meaningful path can be full of ease and FUN, and if you’re a twenty something looking to course-correct then I would love to support you every step of the way.

This is for you if

  • You’re longing to use your talents and skills in a more meaningful way, but you’re not exactly sure how or what to do to make it happen.
  • You’re craving more loving, like-minded connections. Whether you’re a single lady, engaged or married, you want to thrive in your relationships and friendships – including the relationship you have with yourself.
  • You’re ready to get back on track and get out of the ‘eat, work, sleep, repeat’ crazy cycle. You want to ramp up your self-care and become reacquainted with your healthy, creative, wholesome self.
  • You’re tired of the pressure you place upon yourself to be at ‘a certain level’ in life. From making the decision to travel the world or move back to the burb’s’, you want to develop an even deeper confidence and trust in yourself and your decisions than ever before.

I’m guessing this is not for you if

  • You’re looking for a quick fix, or a band-aid solution. Any life change takes time and commitment and it’s exactly the same with coaching.
  • You’re not willing to do some soul searching. Getting to the heart of what you really want requires you to go beyond that surface level stuff.
  • You’re not open to trying new things such as new ways of thinking, new strategies… or taking action. At the end of the day, this is all driven by YOU baby.
  • You’re not willing to prioritize yourself. Taking a leap like this does require you to make time for you and your happiness.


The Clear and Confident Kickstarter Session

Need to make a judgement call but unsure which way to jump? Feel like you could use a motivational boost? A 90 minute kickstart session with me is the perfect opportunity to get you out of the rut – fast! This is for women who already have their dreams or ideas formulated but just need the gentle, yet loving kick up the butt to take action.

The Lifestyle Transition Series

A 3 month coaching series to completley re-energise your spirit and  set you on the path towards a life that feels more like ‘you’. We’ll navigate through the challenges and fears of your brave new direction and actively work towards the lifestyle that you’ve longed for, but never dared to pursue. Consistent action = big leaps!

  • Since coaching with Tash I’ve completely surprised myself with everything that I’ve been able to achieve.

    Not only was I able to come to terms with my knee injury but my time with Tash has helped me to uncover and get clear on my fitness dreams. I now have the tools and the confidence to take up opportunities to empower others and I feel so proud to be teaching group fitness classes within my community.

    What has surprised me the most is that I now have a new found confidence within myself. This has helped me to cultivate more like-minded, genuine friendships and I feel so grateful and lucky for all that has unfolded in the past few months. Thank-you Tash!

    Britt Allman
    Britt Allman Personal Trainer + Group Fitness Instructor
  • As a wife, mother and business owner, my priority list was growing by the day and my self care was nowhere to be seen. I didn't know if a life coach would benefit me but since working with Tash, I feel empowered and balanced - emotionally, physically and spiritually. She truly is a holistic life coach.

    Tash helped me to uncover my own personal wellbeing tools. Tools that would allow me to step back, give myself more grace and have a birds eye view of my very blessed and wonderful life. Tools to let go, stop sweating the small stuff and uncover what my heart and intuition is telling me. I have learnt to say yes and no when I need to and I know these tools will last a life time.

    Throughout my time with Tash, I discovered that self love and self care isn't selfish or greedy. In fact, it is essential and paramount to leading the vibrant, fulfilling life I'm deserving of.

    Her ability to really listen and tenderly ask powerful questions has enabled me to experience many resolutions. All aspects of my life have a brand new sparkle having reached out to Tash, and I would strongly urge anyone to do the same.


    Kristy Docking
    Kristy Docking Mum + Business Owner
  • Life has done a big 360 since coaching with Tash. I went from feeling stuck and unhappy in my career to finding a new job in a totally different industry and country!

    I was anxious about change but with Tash's support, I've become more open and excited about it. Her soulful, in depth questions helped me to dig deep and acknowledge passions that I always had but never acted on. I've finally stopped dreaming and started doing.

    Coaching with Tash has made me realise that my goals are achievable and with a little help, I can accomplish anything. My confidence and self-love has grown and the entire experience has been life-changing!

    Christine Fisher
    Christine Fisher
  • Prior to working with Tash I was afraid to move forward due to a fear of failure and I was struggling to find balance amongst a busy schedule. Tash has helped me to implement new ways to organize my time and create a more harmonious lifestyle.

    I was also able to identify the underlying reasons as to why I was hesitant to change and move forward.

    Working with Tash has been an incredible experience, she is 100% dedicated to helping her clients reach their goals and live a truly abundant life.

    Tracy Hopf
    Tracy Hopf Coach

Coaching with me is soulful, practical and injected with fun. This is an opportunity for you to set inspiring goals and create an action plan so you can finally (and excitedly) follow through!

Not only that – you’ll have someone to listen to you, lovingly challenge you when you feel stuck and encourage you to step up and follow your heart.

So why would you choose little ol’ me to help you?

Because I get it.

I’ve lived, survived and thrived throughout the many transitions of my twenties too. As a woman who has relocated interstate, pivoted her career path, married her long term love and developed a more loving relationship with herself, I know all too well the series of emotions that coincides with stepping out of your comfort zone and making a life change. Heck, I even landed myself on a reality singing show so that was a wild ride in itself!

But do you want to know who gave me the most grief, shrugged off my brilliant ideas and completely shut down the idea of my dreams coming true?

It was…me.

We’re our own worst enemy right?! After graduating from university, I spent way too long denying myself joy by following a career path that didn’t light me up. I thought that being a Social Worker would be a respectable, secure career for me (sound familiar?) but then I took a step back and spent some time thinking about what I truly wanted.

I let go of the fear and the people-pleasing and realised that no job description would satisfy my career ‘itch’. By listening to my heart, seeking out support and focusing on my strengths, I became a Certified Life Coach and have felt more aligned and more purposeful than ever before.

Now I help women just like you to courageously pave the way towards their own purposeful, passionate lives. And do so in a way that is filled with kindness and compassion, rather than the overwhelming pressure to ‘get it right’ or do it ‘perfectly’.

The truth is though, I didn’t do it alone.

When I sought out the support from my own Life Coach, that’s when everything started to fall into place. My stress levels dropped and my spark for life came back. My relationships blossomed and I re-discovered the simple joy in doing things that brought a big, fat smile to my face. Creativity and self-expression was something I hadn’t made space for in such a long time, and here I was rekindling this integral part of me.

Of course it wasn’t easy. There were (and still are) bumps in the road, but I’ll let you in on a little secret.

I’m so freaking happy that I didn’t settle for mediocre.

Life is much too short to spend your days being unfulfilled and bored. And please know that you don’t have to wait until you’re;




Have more dollars in the bank… Because I can guarantee, those excuses will still be there when you’re…married, older, wiser and secured that pay rise after all.

You’d be surprised just how much life can positively shift when you embrace your desires and start to believe in yourself again. And I know that the transition you seek can become a whole lot easier when you have the support of someone that genuinely cares about your progress. Because I do.

Most importantly, this process of getting from where you are now to where you want to be is all designed to make you FEEL good. No guilt or shame whatsoever lady, just loads of TLC and gentle encouragement for you to be in consistent forward motion. It’s doing it YOUR way, not ‘her’ way and putting the faith and focus back into you.

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I can’t wait to support you!

Life in your twenties doesn’t have to be a race to ‘tick all the boxes’!

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