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This week I’m jazzing things up a bit here on the blog. I’m bringing a slightly different flavour and giving you a bit of a backstage pass or behind the scenes version of Healthy You, Happy Me. We’re kicking it off with a fun little activity that has been circulating throughout the blogging world.

The radiant Che from Polka Dot Flamingo (one of my beautiful blogging soul sisters) passed on the blog-hop ‘baton’ to me last week. Just so you know, there was no real exchange of any baton’s (although it would have been cool) but the premise behind it is to give us bloggers an opportunity to reflect on the reasons why we write. Che has got some INCREDIBLY exciting stuff happening over at the Polka Dot Flamingo, so if you haven’t already – check this lady out. When Che writes, my shoulders instantly relax and her bubbly, effervescent personality just shines on through. She is the best friend that everyone needs in their life, she is the supporter and encourager when shit hits the fan, yet is unafraid to get real and bare her soul – she’s just an all round amazing gal!

So why do I write? It is certainly a great question and one that I honestly had to stop to think about. Why do I put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard? Well apart from being able to connect with you – yes you! – this activity enabled me to strip back and dig a little deeper into the craft of writing and in particular, MY writing.

I’m drawing back the curtains and presenting to you…

WHY I WRITE (The musical)

What am I Working on?

Healthy You, Happy Me is the hub of my multi-passionate creative pursuits. Whilst it is typically a blog and a chance for me to share my advice, inspiration and tips on health and wellness, it is growing to become my wellness suite of services.

Act 1. Blogging

I’m hoping to up the ante on the blog front and provide you with more regular posts. To be honest, it has been a bit of a juggling act (see Act 2 & 3), however I have really come to enjoy this online space and the Healthy You, Happy Me tribe that is growing. I am forever jotting down ideas to blog posts, whether it’s on the bus to work, or out and about. Inspiration tends to strike at the most random of times and I have quite a lot of content that is waiting to be unleashed here. I love writing about personal development, however plenty of posts are to come on my views about diets and detoxes, natural and organic skin care, plus my winter warmer giveaway to celebrate HYHM’s 1st Birthday (yippee!)

Act 2. Life Coaching

I am in the midst of studying with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy to become a Life Coach and boy is this course a game-changer! The ah-ha moments, the incredible learning, not to mention the unbelievable support and connection – if you can’t find me blogging, I am immersing myself in all that this course has to offer. I cannot wait to be able to provide you with holistic health and life coaching so that I can support you to dream big, live well and feel good in all that you do.

Act 3. GROOVE Dance

I have been dancing up a storm the past few months, and have recently taken a breather in facilitating GROOVE dance classes here in Brissy. However, I am in the process of organising some incredible events with my fellow GROOVE facilitator Evette, to bring you some dancing goodness for your mind, body and soul. Stay tuned – there is never a dull moment (cue the worm).

How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

Good question – I like to think that I have created my own genre called wellness experimentation haha! I am a singing, dancing, food loving, self-help junkie with a nutrition background, so I like to mix things up a bit. I’m not going to tell you to ban bread, or dairy, and as you can see I never post recipes typically shown on other health and wellness blogs. I’d much rather spend my time creating someone else’s perfectly great version of granola, than trying to come up with my own. It is all about experimentation for me, and trialling new ways of thinking, eating, and feeling good. The whole basis of my writing is all about feeling good.

My writing style is part practical – part conversational. I like to write about what I know from my own experiences, and then turn them into practical approaches so that you can try (or not try) them out, whatever floats your boat. In writing about health, I like to keep it holistic, because we need to have healthy relationships with food, movement, our bank accounts, our careers, our relationships, which is why I will go beyond nutrition and movement, and write about all different aspects of our health and life.

My writing is different because it’s purely my words and my thoughts. Plus, what you read is often how you will see me speak and act out in real life. Maybe sometimes I forget to take my own advice, but that just means that I am human, and in fact not a robot!

Why do I write?

The ultimate question. I write because it’s what I’ve always done. I’ve never considered myself to be a ‘writer’ as such, but when I look back, I’ve been putting pen to paper ever since I got my pen license. I have bundles of old diaries and journals with song lyrics, poems and thoughts, and the reason that they are there and not buried in my head is because I LOVE self-expression. I am an open book, I love to share, and give, and writing is one form that allows me to do that. There have been plenty of times when I’ve pressed publish on a post and thought to myself – who is even going to read this shit? But then I remember why.

I write to connect with YOU. I have met some absolutely phenomenal people online, and this blog has been the platform that has enabled me to connect with these people. Some of which I can now call my dear friends. Plus I get to connect with you right? And if you’re reading this, then you must be pretty cool? Ha!

I write because words are cool – seriously. Isn’t it amazing that one sentence, or a string of words, can have such an impact on someone. It can make them laugh, cry, it can make them feel like they belong, it can make them feel like ‘YES, that is exactly what I needed to hear’. Writing can make someone’s day, and I hope to have that effect.

How does my writing process work?

There is no process whatsoever! I really wish there was because I love routine and rituals, but my ideal writing process would be plonking myself at a café/beach/park with my laptop + peppermint tea, and letting the words unravel effortlessly.

It usually starts with a little idea or theme. I might make a quick note in my iphone, or on a notepad (whatever’s handy at the time) and I will just sit on it. Often more idea’s will flow and I will carve out some time to sit down and write it all out. I often write in one sitting, taking little breaks. When I’m on, I’m ON. I don’t do drafts, I just write and might make a few tweaks here and there and will try to check for spelling errors.

I have to be inspired to write. Sometimes the ideas flow – sometimes they’re stagnant – sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day to get it all out. All I know is – if it needs to be shared, you will find it right here.

Passing on the Baton

I’m passing on the Blog-Hop baton to these 3 wonderful women! I want to know why you write?

Lisa Hatherly – Beautiful words just seem to pour out of this lovely lady and I urge you to head on over to Coloured in Life and get lost in Lisa’s writing. She is all about bringing the colour and joy back into our lives, and her posts always manage to brighten my day!



Lisa’s Bio: Lisa is a self-confessed ‘colourholic’ with a new found enthusiasm for life. A background in Interior Design and a passion for all things colourful has lead Lisa to pursue a Life lived in Colour and share her discoveries and Joy with the world.

After many years of simply surviving she is immersing herself and growing her passion in the world of colour and she’d love to take you along for the ride!

Mel Veccio – This girl literally makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD. Mel and I met at Uni and she is one pocket rocket, changing the fitness industry and making it fun with a capital F. Mel is not only outrageously hilarious, but she is so generous in sharing her knowledge and experiences as a personal trainer. Head on over to her page and devour her posts!



Mel’s Bio: Mel is a passionate fitness professional who is proud to be a part of an industry that focuses on enhancing the health and wellbeing of others. Mel has a fascinating fitness journey that she shares with her readers via her blog.

Through her journey from a very unbalanced ‘Ab’ obsessed, food crazed, over training gym junkie to a now balanced, happy and healthy trainer. All of her experiences have shaped her current training philosophies that take a holistic, wellness focused approach.  She takes a fun, personalized approach when training her clients & always ensures her sessions are appropriate and achievable for the client. You can find more information on Mel via her website here.

Kylie Pappalardo – I am so privileged that Kylie walked into my GROOVE class, because otherwise I would not have met this amazing soul. Kylie is not only a copyright lawyer, but she seriously has a way with words. A long time blogger, Kylie has recently birthed Navigate Create, an online bible for bloggers trying to navigate their way through the legalities of copyright within the online world. It totally rocks!

Kylie P

Kylie’s Bio: Kylie is a law academic slash yogi, committed to living a joyful life. She is inspired by meditation, beautifully crafted words and deep soul work.
Kylie is on a mission to support bloggers in creating, connecting and collaborating by taking the scariness out of the law. She keeps a blog at Navigate Create, which aims to help bloggers navigate the legal issues around blogging and other online activities.
If you haven’t already – head on over and check out these amazing blogs and the leading ladies behind them.
Feel like sharing the love? What are some of your favourite pieces of writing? Let’s use the power of writing to lift us up – you never know who might just need what you have to share!  Or if that feels a bit risque, pass on the link of a blog that you are really digging at the moment!
Happy Writing,
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  • Kylie

    This is such a wonderful, detailed post, Tash! Loved reading about your behind-the-scenes work. And so honoured to be tapped to carry on the baton! I’m so glad I walked into your Groove class too! xo

    • Natasha Sciotto

      Thanks gorgeous and can’t wait to read about why you write 🙂 x

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